CAR INTERIOR DIY – cleaning and boosting the interior

You can’t afford a new car right now and the old car interior is really becoming boring and dirty? Let’s see what we can do.

Car upholstery ceiling repair

car interior cleaning

car interior cleaning

So you accidentally damaged the car upholstery and it’s getting pretty annoying. Now’s the chance to fix it and to feel great about yourself. And you get to choose the color and the fabric.
You will need just a couple of things. They are
– Fabric
– Spray glue
– Brush
– Razor
And that’s about it, all in all you’ll spend 30$.
Here’s how we do it.

1 – First of all, remove everything from the ceiling, hooks, lights, trim panels and the fabric itself, visors, trim panels from the headliner. Make sure you don’t damage the headliner if you have to bend it in order to remove it.
2 – Remove all of the foam remains from the headline board, use a wire brush. Make sure you have a soft one, so you don’t damage the surface. Place the new material with the foam on it, leaving some of the material hanging. It should be hanging evenly all over.
3 – Put the spray glue on the foam, and wait for it to dry up a little, than lay one half of it onto the ceiling, be sure you don’t stretch it. Do the same with the other half.
4 – Turn over the headliner and remove the fabric that still hangs over the board using the one blade razor you had prepared. Leave one inch of it where it was wrapped around to the headliner.
5 – Glue the remaining inch of it back to the headliner and reattach it to the roof.

Clean your car interior

If you think that occasional “wash and vacuum” treatment is all there is when it comes to cleaning your car interior, you have another thing coming. There is a lot more to it.
It would be ideal to let a pro do it. Having your car detailed at least once a year is the minimum you need. But if you are on a budget, then it’s all up to you.
– Find the time; let’s say every last Thursday of the month. That is if you do your regular washing and vacuuming every week or two. You will need Vaseline, a bucket, soap, glass cleaner, paper towels, sponge, brush and a clean towel.
– Start with cleaning the inside. Devil is in the details. The vents tend to accumulate dust inside, use the cotton swabs to clean it.
– Clean the dashboard with the cleaning solution. You can use Vaseline afterwards, applying it with a clean towel. It’s great to keep the rubber, leather or plastic dashboard shining. You can also use the olive oil.
– Use magic sponge to wash the rest of the car. It’s far better than the cleaning products people normally use. Clean all the cavities and dirt wherever you see it.
– Clean the dead bugs and the dirt from the windshield with the baby wipes.
– Add some gasoline or kerosene to the water to wash the exterior of the car; this will be useful against rain water.
– Use glycerin to the final wash, this will make your car shine and keep the bugs away. Until you hit them of course.

Lights in the boot

Another cool addition to your car interior is led lights. It’s fairly easy to install them and they are as useful as they are classy.
As your conventional lights in the car are usually not enough to illuminate your space, it’s necessary to add something else to your interior. LED lights are cleaner and more powerful. They last longer and you can choose the color and the shape (dome, festoon and wedge).
Once you try one light bulb, you won’t be able to stop and you’ll probably consider changing every light in your car. You won’t be looking for your keys in a dark boot any more, led lights will shine your way.

car interior light car light

Accessories you may find useful

Seat Cushion – Makes your seats more comfortable
Car Mount Holder – Holds your mobile, tablet or GPS.
Antigravity Battery- Jump start your battery, very useful in the cold areas where your car battery runs out if you leave some device on (radio, lights, heating)
Seat gap filler – Fills in the gap between the seats so you don’t lose your keys, cell phone or other items you usually spend hours looking for.
Air Freshener – It’s pretty common, but have you seen popcorn or bacon shaped?
Steering Wheel Laptop Desk – Handy for those long traffic jams
Litter Basket – So you don’t have to collect those chewing gums and papers
Electric Blanket – Keeps you warm during those long road trips
Rain-X – When raining, get your visibility improved for the ultimate safety and comfort while driving as it removes ice, frost and even bugs.