Car scratch repair

Your car has been keyed and you don’t want to pay hundreds for car scratch repair. Here is how you do it yourself:


1 – Wash the car thoroughly

2 – Take a look at the car scratch and see if it’s too deep to recover. If you can feel it under your finger it’s deep.

3 – If it’s not deep you can use car scratch remove pen or wd-40 and it will be gone soon.

Car scratch repair

Car scratch repair

4 – If it’s deep, dry it with a clean cloth, polish it with polishing paste and leave it to dry for a couple of hours. If it’s too deep to just polish it, you need to sand it with a sandpaper and repaint just like in step 5.

5 – If necessary, add some paint. You can use the spray paint, but don’t apply it straight to the surface, use your kid’s art class brush.

Car scratch repair – scratches from glass

The task of cleaning and removing car scratches from glass windows can be a tedious one, but this is something that will prove to be worthwhile in the long run. Not only is it hazardous, but the effects of having a dirty and damaged glass could quickly destroy the look of a perfectly waxed and polished automobile. The following information will give some tips on how to go about removing scratches from glass windows: Perhaps, one of the disadvantages of glass is that it can easily be scratched. This will cause a car to look use and old, plus when the scratch appears on the windshield this could become extremely dangerous since light will reflect easily on it. As a result when you have a lot of scratches on the windshield it is possible that you will not be able to see properly, especially if the sunlight is hitting you directly or during the night with oncoming headlights reflecting on your car.

Fortunately, car scratch repair in a window isn’t a difficult task, so with the right solutions and a bit of hard work it can be as good as new. One of the most effective and cheapest solutions to remove scratches from car windows is the glass polish kit. These polishing kits can be as low as $20 and can be found in most auto body or home improvement stores, both online and offline. This kit is sold with all that you need such as glass polish, polishing disk for electric buffer and a microfiber cleaning towel. The application process for the glass polish is pretty straightforward. To start with, apply some of the polish unto a dry disk and then use the buffer at a reduced speed in order to work the solution into the windshield or window. It is advisable to do this with up and down movements at first and subsequently left to right.

Repeat this process many times over the entire glass surface. As soon as the polish is thoroughly worked inside the car windows, you can use the microfiber towel to remove excessive polish. While doing this, you could place a plastic bag over your hands and this will prevent oil from getting on to the glass. With your fingertips in the plastic bag, you can then run it over the glass surface to see if it is still gritty and then carry out the process once more if necessary. When are finished with these steps, you can go ahead and put the finishing touch on the car.

Some of the benefits of using this glass polishing kit more than additional solutions is that even if the vehicle is covered by insurance it would be really expensive to replace a windshield; professional cleaning will cost much more than the amount that you spend for the kit result in savings; a kit can be used repeatedly since the disks can be washed and then dried at least two times before throwing away and finally there is the convenience of using the kit to remove scratches in the future if you desire. There are additional resources online to help with other repairs if you are planning on doing a buffing, sanding or a repaint car job.