Creative bookshelves 1

tube bookshelf

Nowadays we read more electronic books, but hard copy books never lose their charm and position. Reading physical books are better for eye health and we feel more relax; we still keep many  books at home. Physical books have another function that digital books have not, which is they can decoration our homes. Book shelves can be a eye- catching spots at your home, Today we will review some book shelves in fun shape of human beings , hopefully they can give you some inspiration for decorating your home.We can create any shape according to our own personalities and taste.

For almost any bookshelf you want to make, the essential thing you must have is a bookshelf holder. The size and strength is determined by the size of the bookshelf you are making. So choose wisely.

bookshelf holder

The good news is you can find them in any hardware or do it yourself store.

bookshelf holders

Now you can let your imagination run wild. You can make a bookshelf out of some water pipes, just scrape the rust off and color them with waterproof shiny metal color.

tube bookshelf

Or you can use anything you have in your home, even your kid’s old skateboard. When they grow older and don’t use them any more, you can make a great kid’s room bookshelf. Take a look at this and judge for yourself, isn’t this cool?

skate buookshelf

If you want something more down to earth, you can try these creative bookshelves made from different objects you usually don’t use for such purposes. For instance, this boat needs just a little repairing and a few nails here and there and the result will thrill all your guests.

boat bookshelf

Or if you are into music and have an old guitar case or a double bass case or anything similar for that matter, you will be able to make an awesome bookshelf.

guitar case bookshelf