DIY home decor tricks for your new home


It’s not hard to change the appearance of your house, and even the slightest alterations in your DIY home decor can go a long way towards making a world of difference.

This won’t necessarily cost very much – no need for refurnishing loan. If want  to do something larger such as making an extra bedroom, make a deck, or put in brand-new carpet or floor, you will have a large amount of money. If on the other hand, you’d just like to decorate or change the look of your house, these can be achieved quite inexpensively. These are some ideas for cheap redecorating of your home

Entrance is really important for DIY home decor

The first impression is the most important. Has your welcome mat become just a rag? It’s time for you to spice up your entrance so that people notice when they enter your home. For those who have a large porch, a potted plant in an African planter can make an enjoyable atmosphere. Modern planters can be bought cheap. A new welcome mat as well creates a fresh look and feel. These could be decorated, and designed in ways which reflect yourself and your likes and dislikes. Nice door mats aren’t expensive either.


If you’re really bold about house decoration, paint your doorway with a coat of bright colors.  If you take on this challenge, it’s smart to make sure that the paint looks good in combination with you and your home. For instance, if the first thing people spot from the outside are red bricks, a red door could make a dynamic look.

entrance DIY home decor

entrance DIY home decor




The minute you walk inside your kitchen, what grabs your attention first? Most likely, all those handy cabinets that discreetly hide your dishes, right? After enough time has passed you might want a different look and feel.


To begin with, you might want to give them a good cleanup. This step alone can make a significant difference. People are always surprised with the volume of dust and grease that can build up on cabinets. Depending on the material that your cupboards are made of, just remove the cabinets from their hinges and wipe them down with the wet cloth. That should do the trick.  There are hundreds of chemical substances on the market, but you must make sure that the chemicals are made for your furniture, considering material and age. When you get them nice and shiny, a great idea is adding or replacing knobs. There are all kinds of them, cheap and expensive, decorative and just plain old knobs. It’s up to you to decide which one you like.


In case you have a bigger budget check this article out, it’s valuable.




The bathroom is usually the smallest room, especially the guest bathrooms. Why don’t we do what we can to make this space the nicest possible in that circumstances? The first things you can do are guest towels and suitable accessories. They are not necessarily inexpensive and if you aren’t a fan of those you don’t want to go overboard with that. You can express your creativity with the wallpaper trim, artwork, and color. You could go as traditional and as innovative as you wish. To complement the wallpaper trim, you may add artwork.  You don’t have to go out and buy overpriced artwork. You can use your creativity to think up some ideas. A few seashells, vibrant fabric, and a frame with your first carpet pattern on the wall are your own works of art.




You need to dress up the window when doing DIY home decor. Why?  First of all, you spruce up your home scenery. It makes your home warm. Cloth materials also can be an excellent protection against unwanted sounds and moist. They reduce the echo and the sounds from the outside of the room, sunlight if the daybreak sun is shining brightly, you always can draw the curtain so the brightness will not be so irritating. The curtain is also protecting you from the outside heat. By drawing your curtain you also get some privacy from the outside world.

Here is what you need to know when you choose a curtain for your DIY home decor. Make sure your material you choose does not shrink. Or you might want to pick longer ones with a bigger hem so if the material does shrink you could always adjust the length.  Also think silk fabric is likely to fade in the sunlight.


You must take into consideration what room you are decorating with curtains. Some majestic or formal curtains are good for the living room. The study needs the curtains that make it look business like and manly. Curtains in a bedroom typically indicate intimacy and comfort. Lastly, curtains that are vivid and multi-colored do well in children’s bedroom. It’s best to place a curtain on a large window and the small window looks better with window blinds instead. Curtains should match the colors of your wall.



If you decided to do the DIY home decor on your own and redecorate your main bedroom by yourselves, you will meet with a lot of different aspects which can improve or destroy your sleeping area.

cosy bedroom DIY home decor

Bedroom DIY home decor

Bedroom home decor

The amount of money you want to spend is the first thing you need to determine. Professional designers are the best solution but still the most expensive one.  However, you can try redecorating by yourself and setting the mood that goes along with your own personality best. This isn’t so easy, though. Aesthetically agreeable DIY home decor demands creative thinking and considering your own skills as well as your budget. That’s why it’s crucial to plan it out thoroughly and put it all on paper, which will allow you to see some flaws that would usually miss your attention.


The most obvious factor you need to take care of is the furniture. It takes up the most space and that is what you take into consideration when you choose the size and type of the furniture. Dressing tables, wardrobes, cabinets fill the empty walls, and the walls will look different after adding furniture, so this is one more thing to keep in your mind. Interior Color of the walls has great impact on people who spend time in the room. It can make the space look smaller or larger than it is. Vivid colors don’t just make the room more cheerful, it makes it look bigger. But you need to decide if you really want this in your bedroom, where you need to relax and sleep.


If you don’t want to paint your room, you can use the wallpapers instead. It’s faster and easier to maintain, as you don’t need to peel it off nor paint it again. It’s washable and makes your room look fuller and warmer. The only drawback is that it can be torn easily by some sharp furniture edges or an accidental scratch.


Bed sheets, cushion covers, curtains, carpets should be determined by furniture and walls. Curtains are always connected with doors or windows serving as a frame to them. A smart use of color or fabric will make your space look a lot more stylish and cozy.


Lighting plan will improve your space if you place them in accordance with the furniture so that it emphasizes certain areas of the room. Spotlights and filler lights are used to accomplish a uniform lighting with the daylight and main lights. Lampshades are used decoratively to set the atmosphere of the room.


Dining room

dining room DIY home decor

Dining room DIY home decor

We usually start our lives away from parents without the dining room, but as our financial situation progresses, this area becomes more and more important. When starting a family of your own, it’s a place of getting together and having those intimate moments that you cherish afterwards.  That’s why it’s so difficult to find a nice decorating theme for your bedroom. But often you can make an enormous change with some things that you already have at home.  The secret is to match the table chairs and decks you already have in your dining room and you can do it with a few details.

The way you set the table is also important. Setting unmatched and matching dishes will create a surprisingly unique look.

Placemats should match furniture or the chair cushions or to paintings or objects that are hanging on the wall.

If you paint the furniture you can make them look uniform, and thus making it more harmonious. Do be careful if the chairs and table are antique, then it’s best to leave it to the professional. Or use cushion covers or chair back covers for your chairs and achieve the similar result.

Centerpieces with fruit and vases with flowers are easy to maintain but can make a world of a difference to your empty table. Do not use dried or fake flowers as it gives the space a feeling of poverty and that is the last you want when thinking of your DIY home decor.